My work with IBD

My Work with IBD

I have developed a psychological service within an NHS setting to support people in coping with and adjusting to living with the long term health conditions Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis using cognitive behavioural strategies.

The development of this service has run in parallel to my research projects which have focused on understanding the psychological and emotional impact of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. I have developed, adapted and evaluated cognitive behavioural interventions to improve anxiety, depression and distress for people coping with the impact of these long term conditions.

My publications include:

Jordan, C, Hayee, BH & Chalder, T (2018), ‘Cognitive behaviour therapy for distress in people with Inflammatory bowel disease: A bench marking study‘, Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy.26 (1).p14-23.

Jordan, C, Ohlsen, R, Hayee, BH & Chalder, T (2017), ‘A qualitative study exploring the experience of people with IBD and elevated symptoms of anxiety and low mood and the type of psychological help they would like‘, Psychology & health, pp. 1-18

Jordan, C, Sin, J, Fear, NT & Chalder, T 2016, ‘A systematic review of the psychological correlates of adjustment outcomes in adults with inflammatory bowel disease‘, Clinical Psychology Review, vol. 47, pp. 28–40.